Busy Thanksgiving

Well, it has been one long, tiring Thanksgiving, what with the massive network of friends and relatives my uncle and aunt went to visit today. Turkey was to be had in four different houses, but I skipped the fourth leg of the trip in favor of hanging out with some cousins* to watch Die Another Day — which was, sadly, sold out at the cinema. Instead, we returned home and talked all night. (I must admit that I was a bit alarmed that the guys in the car were talking about nothing but partying and boozing, but things got a lot more intelligent later on. Sorry, Tanya and Tracy! ;)

Now I’m home, with no plans to sleep, since I have a paper and at least two other major production projects due after the holiday. Time to hit the `books.

*: I say “cousins,” but I’m really just referring to any of the family friends of my age/generation. Considering how Filipinos are all related in some way, we’re probably cousins somehow.