Farewell, disdainful!

This is the part where Paulo starts quoting mushy love songs about broken hearts, and Bible verses of comfort and encouragement. Except that all the love songs are 16th Century canzonets, and all the bible verses are from Ecclesiastes: “MEANINGLESS, MEANINGLESS!!!”

Chi passa per questa strada e non sospira, viato quillo chelo poté fare. E dince che c’imprest un po de filo meschino me, quanto mu cuso questa piagha mortale.


  1. Kyriosity says:

    I think it calls for a Country song. Something like, “I lost my girl. I lost my hat. I’ve only got photos of Jasper the cat.”

    I know, I’m being extraordinarily unhelpful. But I’m praying, too, so maybe that’ll balance out my stupidity. :^(

  2. The Dane says:

    Wlecome! I wish there were only room for one of us :-

  3. Paulo says:

    You, Valerie, are being incredibly therapeutic. ;D

  4. Kyriosity says:

    We could debate the relative merits of having loved and lost vs. never having loved at all, but I don’t think there’d be a statistically significant difference between the degrees of suckiness. A hope deferred maketh the heart sick, either way.

  5. The Dane says:

    Yeah, but loved and lost gives you more funny stories to tell your friends in years hence. Plus it affords you an object onto whom you can focus all culpability for your present state of suckiness – because hey, it can’t possibly be one’s own fault. So yeah. I think loved and lost is better – if only slightly.

  6. Kyriosity says:

    I’m inclined to agree. Another reason is that if you’ve loved and lost, you at least know that you’re not a total reject. Somebody wanted you for a little while, at least. And you can never be sure that it’s not your own fault. In fact, you pretty much suspect that it is your fault. So instead of focusing the culpability on the ex, one focuses it on oneself. One knows one is totally repulsive, wretched, worthless, unwantable pond scum.

    So just compare yourself to me, Paulo. I’m sure you’ll feel better in no time!

    Hmmm…I suspect I am being unhelpful again. Better shut up and stick with praying.

  7. The Dane says:


    Methinks that Miss Osity likes to be unhelpful.

  8. Kyriosity says:

    Miss Osity is an idiot. The first paragraph is incoherent. The first three sentences apply to the loved and lost category. The rest of it applies to the never to have loved at all catergory.