The Future’s Made of Virtual Insanity

Anyway, I had completely forgotten yesterday that I would be going with my relatives to a distant cousin’s bridal shower / costume party last night, then spending the night at my uncle’s. So I came to Washington with only the clothes on my back, and nothing else. Fortunately a quick trip to Hecht’s and a neighboring CVS Pharmacy provided me with pajama pants and 99-cent deodorant, shampoo, and toothpaste packs to keep me decent and fragrant through the night.

A costume for the party, however, was not forthcoming. But on the Metro to Ballston, it occurred to me that I could simply unfold the brim of my Nepalese Hat and wear it so that it loomed above my head like Devil’s Tower. That, combined with ultra-lowered pants, and suddenly I felt like Jamiroquai.

It was fun. I got pictures.