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Celtic Cross

Hey, cool: Scottish Christian has the same free Celtic Cross image on his layout as the one I use. (See for more.)

The BWI Bus Trick

Today I put on my sandals and ventured out to try the “BWI Bus Trick,” which is the only cheap way to get to Washington, DC from Baltimore by public transit on weekends (when the MARC train isn’t running and Amtrak is just too expensive). The route consists of taking the Light Rail to BWI, […]


My domain is expiring in one more month, and I’m wondering whether it’s worth continuing. I just don’t have the time or money to maintain a full-blown investigative urban legends resource on my own, and I’m hardly in the proper location for it anyway. Should I just let it die, and relegate the archives […]

DreamCode Design

If you’re in the Philippines, don’t have access to a credit card, and are looking for cheap webhosting, check out DreamCodeDesign. I think those are pretty good prices for a locally hosted Filipino blog page. (And sorry to the folks at DreamCode for my inadvertently leaving up some archived negativities even after the owner was […]

The Twinkie Project

Via blogs4God: “The Twinkies Project.” I haven’t had this much fun since the Exploding Coke Bottle.

Sunspot 87 “Sunspot 87 has developed a twisted delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful solar flares.” Doesn’t that sound like something Mr. Spock would say after looking through the mysterious blue eyepiece on his science station? Astronomy rocks my socks, man.

Robot Shop

“Shop 2000,” aka “Tik Tok Easy Shop” — that’s the name of the giant robot convenience store that sprouted up in DC on 18th Street near Adams Morgan. And guess what, surprise, surprise: it’s a McDonald’s project. The official website, and some commentary on MeFi.

Three Dollars Poorer

Black guy, well dressed in slacks, polo, and necktie, comes running down Inner Harbor, asking passersby where the nearest Rite Aid or CVS Pharmacy is. As he reaches me, I tell him that there’s a CVS at Lombard and Light. Closed, he replies. Rite Aid on Broadway Street at Fells Point, then, I tell him, […]

Cold again!

Lovely weather! We’re down to 62°F in Baltimore, and the rain’s going to be continuing in bursts through the week. This is the first time I’ve had to turn on the electric heater by my bed. (And to think I was worrying about having to endure Manila-like heat all through September.)

Grad Student

Orientation and Enrollment Day for incoming grad students dawned cold and rainy, but there were pastries and hot coffee at the welcome. I was quite relieved to find that Digital Art students get a relatively loose schedule: three core subjects and an elective, taking up three days out of the week at most. The graduate […]