HBO Logo … in Spaaaace!!!

I’ve been wondering all day about that HBO logo. It’s a classic cable ID that we’ve all seen for years: the one where the p.o.v. flies over houses and streets into space, and a giant computer-generated HBO logo comes out of the stars, with a melodramatic sci-fi theme blaring over the whole scene. But since when did it become such a cult classic that people start dancing to it at a public movie screening?

A quick Google search turned up this brief but funny profile, which in turn turned up the composer, Ferdinand J. Smith. That search result leads you to pages where you can actually download his triumphant “HBO In Space” anthem. (Which I’ve been humming to myself all day. Curse you, HBO!)


  1. Richard says:

    And curse Canadian cable companies for not carrying HBO!

  2. In my fundy days, it was referred to as “Hell’s Box Office” but from 1998-2002 I was the Outbound Call Center Manager for Comcast Cablevision of Maryland and was responsible for marketing the product along with many others including broadband internet. BTW, if you need a “deal/promo” on cable installation, premiums, etc shoot me a private email and I’ll “hook you up”. How? The Marketing Supervisor for Comcast over the Sales/Outbound Call Center is my very good friend and co-worker of 6 years. I’ll get you the best deal out there.

  3. Mike says:

    I don’t even need to hear it to get it stuck in my head! Thanks a lot, Paulo.