Canadian’s rant

I couldn’t catch the Havalina gig, because I had to go to Hechts’ and buy a pillow before catching the MARC train back to Bawlmer. :(

Anyway, now that Bene D has granted me the title of Honorary Canadian, I wonder if I’m entitled to wild Canadian rants like this one. “Ya bunch of stupid fat lazy American losers, eh?” Gee, he must have used every single ad hominem in the book.

Voluminous commentary on MeFi.

Slightly related: Glenn Reynolds on Mugabe and the Zimbabwean racial situation. Funny line: Noam Chomsky was quick to denounce the United States for the imaginary starvation of millions. He doesn’t seem nearly as loud where someone is actually starving people on purpose does he? Why could that be? Oh, yeah: Mugabe isn’t an American, or allied with America, and hence is incapable of evil. Sorry, I forgot there for a moment.


  1. The Dane says:

    I am sad for you. Truly and honestly sad for you. In honour of your failure, I am now going to listen to Havalina’s EP, A Bullfighter’s Guide to Space and Love.

  2. Bene Diction says:

    A wild Canadian ranter doesn’t care about the Americans, it’s more about the policies of Ottawa, the roads, the local municipalities or the weather, snow removal or their fave….trees.

    You are still an honourary Canuck. I’ll help you practise eh? Blog on!