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We have a plush USS Enterprise from Thinkgeek that Amelia occasionally plays with. This photo of her stalking it from below recently made it to Cute Overload:

Red Shirt at Wallops

The day before Antares launched, I was hanging around Wallops Visitor Center waiting for news on that day’s scrub, when I noticed one of the museum staff (Susan, the Educational Resources Coordinator) wearing what appeared to be a Space Shuttle Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU, or a spacesuit to put it simply). She had put it […]


Dan (known to some as insomnyuk on Metafilter) came over to DC for the weekend, so I showed him around NASM and took him on the simulators. Here he is with a Federation starship. (DanTrek.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

Star Trek Poster

Snagged me a Star Trek movie teaser poster #2 from the “free preview stuff” shelf at work. Between the “STAR” and the “TREK” is a line, “Stardate 12.25.08.” The new movie will be called simply, “Star Trek,” supposedly a prequel set before or early into the Original Series five year mission. Latest news is that […]

The Wrath of Crusher

I really, really love that TVSquad got Wil Wheaton to do their Star Trek: The Next Generation retro episode recaps. Wil, in case you didn’t know, portrayed the character of Wesley Crusher through the first few seasons of ST:TNG, filling the widely disliked role of “Token Boy Genius” aboard Captain Picard’s starship Enterprise-D. (This appears […]

Jan 2006 NJ/NYC Trip

It was foggy up in New Jersey and New York over the long weekend. Amy and I hung out with her family, and ventured twice up to NYC, one day to browse galleries at Chelsea, and another to have a half-price lunch at Sushi Park with newlyweds Raffy and Carla (who very kindly lent us […]

Photo Retrospective: Wessels

(Set1294_01, uploaded by brownpau.) They are not nuclear wessels, but wessels nonetheless. Taken June 2004 with a very fuzzy-lensed Zire 71. Update: I added this photo to the Flickr Star Trek Group Pool, but the admin removed it. Bunch of humorless Vulcans.

Gamma Hydra Section Ten

Saying the Bible tells Jews and Christians to kill homosexuals is like saying that Star Trek II is all about Captain Saavik’s failed attempt to rescue the Kobayashi Maru from the Klingon Neutral Zone.

Scotty Gets Beamed Up

James Doohan has passed away. Doohan played Enterprise’s Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott on Star Trek, and was my original inspiration for learning to mimic Scottish accents. Bit of trivia: Doohan was a captain in the Royal Canadian Artillery, and fought in the invasion of Normandy in WWII, where three bullets destroyed the middle finger of […]

Trekkies Meet Flickr

Browsing through the “startrek” tag on Flickr, one finds all sorts of fascinating fan photos, model setups, and acquisitions. Take a look: Space Battles. Gallery of Star Trek (ahem) Ladies. 35mm Film Clips. Scotty Gets his Star. [Crossposted to Metafilter.]