First Thoughts on Enterprise Finale

Disjointed thoughts and spoilers follow.

To my annoyance, the VCR had stopped recording “These Are The Voyages” just as Riker and Troi had said “End program” and were walking out of the holodeck. Still, I had seen practically all of the episode, and I was left open-mouthed, and, as Jolene Blalock would put it, appalled.

Character development: six years later, everyone’s the same rank and duty station. Even Porthos looked exactly the same. The only thing that’s really changed besides hairstyle is a couple of extra screens on the bridge. Progress!

What a crummy way for Tucker to die: suddenly and frantically mock-snivelling to a bunch of stupid alien smugglers so he could pull off an arbitrary plan to explode a room?

And this whole episode builds up to Archer’s speech — which they don’t even show. Or was it in those final few seconds where the “Final Frontier” spiel is recited?

It was an okay Next-Generation holodeck episode, perhaps, but that was a pretty pathetic episode of Enterprise. Yuck. Never mind. I’m going to sleep. Here’s Michelle Erica Green’s review of the finale episode, but as far as I’m concerned, Terra Prime was my finale. Now that was some real Star Trek: real conflict, real sci-fi, real character development, a real climax, and no bloody holodeck.

But the Enterprise finale? It belongs right in the dung heap with Star Trek: Generations. I’d let Star Trek V into the canon before either of those pieces of junk.

More from Peter David and James Lileks.


  1. filmgoerjuan says:

    Wow…I just watched it tonight. Couldn’t agree more. Horrible way to end the series.

  2. Mike says:

    Peter David has the best synopsis of the episode on his blog.

    I caught bits and pieces of the episode last night while mostly watching Alien Planet on the Discovery Channel. The CG version of the Enterprise-D looked awesome and the recreated Ten-Forward and conference room were pretty cool, but the holodeck seems to have picked up a few tricks I don’t remember it having (“objective mode” and Riker’s magically-changing clothing, though the former at least makes sense when you think about it). And since when did Troi have such a thick accent?

    I think the Riker/Troi plotline would’ve worked out better for a season finale or non-season-ending episode (kinda like how Quantum Leap used to do something out of the ordinary for its season finales). I get the feeling it was decided on before Enterprise was officially canceled, and Berman and Braga liked the idea too much to ditch it.

    (Boy, for someone who didn’t watch the whole episode, I certainly have a lot to say about it. *g*)

  3. Yuriko says:

    Star Trek V into cannon? That’s harsh man. I just had to explain to someone the other day that there was no 5th Star Trek movie for some reason…