Star Trek Poster

Star Trek XI poster Snagged me a Star Trek movie teaser poster #2 from the “free preview stuff” shelf at work. Between the “STAR” and the “TREK” is a line, “Stardate 12.25.08.”

The new movie will be called simply, “Star Trek,” supposedly a prequel set before or early into the Original Series five year mission. Latest news is that Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy will be playing young and old Spock, they’re still looking for someone to cast as young Kirk, and [gasp] William Shatner has not been signed on.

This all makes me very unhappy. Let’s end this “prequel” nonsense. I demand a full retcon of Star Trek: Generations; have Spock on the Enterprise-B, saving Kirk and the ship from the Nexus as they beam the El-Aurians on board — except for Soran. Then Soran gets his cosmic paradise, Enterprise-D never has to go after him and get split in half, the Veridian star system doesn’t blow up, and Kirk gets to not fall off a rock. The balance of the universe is restored.


  1. I’m with you dude- GENERATIONS was the worst thing that ever happened to me!

    I want SHATNER in the film!!

  2. Yuriko says:

    Just so long as Shatner isn’t in any more movies, I’m ok. I’m with you on Generations and stopping the prequels. If only we could have banned them before Enterprise aired…

  3. Jeph says:

    What!? You have a ‘free preview stuff’ shelf. I’m drooling over here. Do they have anymore?

  4. Meg says:

    It’s opening on Christmas? WTF? We’ve had Star Trek parties the last few movies, I guess we won’t be able to this time. I’m sick of prequels as well, but am interested in who they will cast as the young stars.