Enterprise Cancelled

Star Trek: Enterprise is cancelled. And good riddance to bad rubbish. This cancellation comes about four seasons too late, considering that the hammer should have fallen as soon as the words “Temporal Cold War” were uttered. It could have been good: they could have built a show about the newness of adventuring into an unexplored galaxy — instead, this awesome potential took a back seat to convoluted time travel plot lines and a messy divorce from the continuity of the original series. Sadly, the abrupt end comes just when Manny Coto is picking up the pieces and fulfilling the show’s earlier promise as a true prequel to Classic Trek. The series was just getting good when they cut it down!

So farewell, Enterprise. When all is said and done, I can’t say I’ll miss you all that much, though I’ll certainly mourn this passing much more than I did Voyager’s.

(And farewell to Captain Jonathan Archer, a pathological liar who can’t seem to get out of any predicament without staging some kind of elaborate acted fiction to fool aliens into one Corbomite Manuever after another. Not to say that Scott Bakula did a bad job of the character: he’s a talented actor and a fine addition to the captains of Star Trek. If you ask me, the fact that he performed so well on the one-dimensional writing that plagued the first three seasons puts him on the level of William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. I don’t know about Avery Brooks, though, since I never watched any DS9.)

Flash back to May, 2001, when news of the upcoming prequel series first came out.


  1. I never watched Enterprise, but I have thought that TNG relied on the Holodeck a bit too much.

    If you really go back, you’ll note that the entire “United Paramount Network” was practically built on the Star Trek empire. Now where has it gone?

  2. Bobber says:

    Where has it gone? It started going down hill with Deep Spud 9, reached rock bottom with Forager (always looking for a plot) and pretty much stayed there with Enterprise.

  3. filmgoerjuan says:

    Personally I think “Enterprise” started going downhill when the theme song played for the first time. Then the Vulcan nipples redeemed it. Then it started going downhill again.

  4. Sharon says:

    i must give you props for celebrating the downfall of the worst version of ST ever created ;-) — let me be the first to recommend DS9. i thought it was THE best ST version. if you like that, check out Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica (the newest one), or maybe i should say if you like the other 2 shows i mentioned, you’ll like DS9 :-)

  5. Keith says:

    I agree with Sharon that DS9 was the best of the Star Treks. At least when Quark wasn’t around. The needlessly rushed ending to the series was a letdown, though (see the review http://cynicscorner.org/ds9_7/ds9_725.html ).

    Paulo, are you actually intending it as a compliment to Scott Bakula to say that he’s on a level with William Shatner in acting ability?

  6. Sparticus says:

    I was expecting them to start the time travel thing about three series in. You know, when they got bored with everything else. To start it in the first episode was an appalling move. It deserved it.

  7. mike says:

    well i must say i totally disagree with all of you…granted when i first heard the theme song i was like…”um is this the right channel?”…but the show has improved. the xindi conflict made the show more enjoyable. and season 4 was going to good showing the birth of the federation…why cancel it i dunno…UPS probably wants more smack down and reality tv shows…as if there isn’t enough…

  8. Mike says:

    I liked Enterprise, have watched ALL of the various Star Trek shows, [and not in reruns, children] and while some episodes will always be less popular than others have enjoyed them all. If you don’t like a show, turn it off, that’s what the button is for.

  9. DracoMaximus says:

    Hey guys, I really think that Enterprise was a good show if it didn’t do good maybe it was because UPN isn’t doing well. Syndicate Enterprise and you’ll see.

  10. OLD Trekker says:

    As a guy who begged mom to let me stay up past my bedtime at 7 y.o. to watch the original Star Trek @ 9:00 PM Monday nights and then Friday nights, all I can tell ya is I loved Star Trek from the first show and thus began a lifelong obssession.

    Given that reality, you can appreciate how much how devastating it was to realize how profoundly I hated Enterprise from its debut. IT BLEW, AND IT CONTINUES TO BLOW.

    I can’t belive I said this moring to a good friend exactly the same thing you said here – “It should have been cancelled three years ago.”

    They have run out of ideas and the franchise needs a long rest. Five years at least for some new ideas to gestate. It is TIRED and derivative. Two qualities that had never before been associated with Trek, but are now bonded to it. It needs a long rest.

    When bad ideas from “Lost in Space” get updated and morphed into contemporary Trek, that is low, scum low. I actually turned an episode off after a particularly odious theft of an idea from the mid-’60’s “Fantastic Voyage” Saturday morning kid’s animated series raised it ugly head. SHEESH!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish is right!

    Sorry to those of you who liked it – you haven’t read any Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Asimov or Heinlein to be able to tell big wood from little brush, cuz the show was uninspired and horribly derivative. Classic Trek was a trailblazer into NEW worlds, never a cover of itself or others. It had beome a caricture of itself and that is very sad. Very.

    BTW – Classic series and movies – seen them all numerous times except for one see below, have them on LaserDisc & DVD. TNG was great, it moved the franchise forward, watch them still, love them and recorded all of them. DS9 – just OK, first three seasons interesting, last 4 scrambling, still watched every episode and recorded every one. VOY abyssimal. The self-caricturization started with it, but watched every episode and held out hope and recorded every one.

    Enterprise forced me to give up hope enitrely, didn’t watch and didn’t record them. Nemesis was horrendously AWFUL!!!! The worst Trek movie by far and right up there with “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” I will never own it, have watched it once and will NEVER waste my precisous life watching it again. “Insurrection” was bad enough, but still I bought it on DVD.

  11. Rashmi Sunder Raj says:

    Enterprise is one of the worse sci fi shows in recent history. I stopped watching consistently after season 1, but caught the recent episode with the Andorian who was in DS9 (honestly, do they think the audience won’t remember?) The theme song sounds like Loverboy. The bridge crew are boring. Tripp looks like Brad Pitt with a bad hangover. The doctor delivers his lines like he is in a commercial for adult diapers. The Xindi story arc went no where. The temporal cold war was worse than the Winds of War. Archer is hot, but always looks a bit cross-eyed to me. Hey, I thought Vulcans didn’t show emotions? Or are they just bad actors? My favorite: HULL PLATING!

    Why not do a ST series in the 29th century, where presumably things would be more interesting?

  12. 50yr.old Trekker says:

    I have watched Star Trek since it first aired on NBC and have enjoyed many episodes and movies since then. What these execs fail to realize that there are good and bad episodes. It took TNG several seasons to get interesting and for fans to form a bond with the characters. But everyone should understand Trek is only as good as the writers, and it is a crying shame that Manny was not given a chance or even brought in after season two on Enterprise. B&B seem to have an ego problem and will not admit their ideas on stories were getting boaring. But the most saddest thing of all is how UPN has changed and really should be called UGN (united getto network) please enough

    with the mindless idiotic sit coms and rapper wanna be reality BS shows! The head at CBS and the powers that be at UPN continue to insult people by putting on this garbage crap. Mabe when their ratings go down the crapper they might wake up to what they could have had, but I seriously doubt it. Live long and prosper Trekkers every where. The old man!

  13. Dwijal says:

    Needless to say, I will still miss not having any Star Trek to watch for now. I actually started liking this season more than any others of Enterprise. I guess it was too little too late?

    In my opinion this is how all the different shows of ST rank:

    #1 ST TNG

    #2 Original ST

    #3 DS9

    #4 Enterprise

    #5 Voyager

    What do you guys think?

  14. Tyrone says:

    I have to agree and disagree with some of you guys. Firstly I agree that the premise of the show should have been about the exploration of new worlds in a galaxy reasonably unknown to Earth. Not this jump into a temporal Cold War nonsense. We forgave them the fact that in all the Star Trek series, no mention of NX-01 or Archer was made. But to write about a War that involved the first captain that merited its mention along with the likes of Wolf 359 and the Dominion wars, was pushing it.

    I disagree that the show should have been cancelled from day one. TNG took a while to make it. Push it to a later slot. It was beautifully shot and the CGI was almost movie quality. Watching it in widescreen was also an improvement.

    It was experiment that could have been successful but due to some bad writing and trigger happy execs it failed. And to think Im only watching the 2nd season in my country.

    Tyrone – South Africa

  15. Roy, Dutch trekker says:

    50yr.old Trekker wrote:

    In my opinion this is how all the different shows of ST rank:

    #1 ST TNG

    #2 Original ST

    #3 DS9

    #4 Enterprise

    #5 Voyager

    What do you guys think?

    Different fan, different list. At this moment it is:

    1 DS9

    2 TOS

    3 Voyager

    4 TNG

    5 Enterprise

    But then again, due to the release of the DVD set I am watching a lot of Voyager right now (I think the 5th season is great), so that might give the serie the high ranking. Personally I feel TNG is overrated. Patrick Stewart is a brilliant actor, but there are a lot of really awful TNG episodes to be found in the seven year run. The first two seasons are just terrible and if TNG was aired in 2001-2005 like Enterprise it would have had a much more difficult time than in the eighties.

    Enterprise just didn’t deliver. Maybe the production staff was a bit overconfident, because of the fact that every Star Trek series after TNG did wel in the long run. Berman wrote that he ‘doesn’t understand’ why Enterprise didn’t work. Just like he didn’t understand why quote ‘a great movie like Nemesis’ didn’t have any succes. Great movie, Nemesis? Not the words I had in mind when I left the movie theatre after wasting two hours of my precious life to that crap story…

    Maybe, Berman – and Braga – lost their touch. Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those ‘shoot B&B’ types. They gave us great shows and Berman was responsible for saving Trek in difficult times, but time’s up. Even the great bird didn’t fly forever…

  16. lhozwald says:

    Good riddance. You guys are fullocrap. Enterprise was great. DS9 was goo when the ferengi were on. Voyger – so-so, but TNG? yea that was a really magnificent show – Right.

    Piccard: “Well Geordie, can you cancel the tachyon flux”

    Geordie: “Well Captain, if I can divert main power to the deflector and channel it through the holodeck link into the transporter after I have crosswired it to Data’s brain, that ought to do it.”

    Piccard: “How long will that take?”

    Geordie: “About 15 minutes”

    Piccard: “Make it so.”

    Yep great show!

  17. lhozwald says:

    Warf: “Captain, we are under attack”

    Piccard: “Very well, Mr. Warf. Call a staff meeting”

  18. LC says:

    Enterprise had such potential,it also suffered from the same curse as DS9 & voyager. Many of the actors seemed to be made of wood.

    Scott Bakula was a stroke of casting genius,a fine actor,he made a wonderful captain.5 minutes into broken bow you forgot he’d ever played Sam Beckett from quantum leap.John Billingsley as Phlox,also wonderful.Connor Trineer as Trip,brilliant portrayal of a character that could have been lifted straight from TOS.From there on however,it’s all bad news.Reed,Hoshi & Merryweather-weak characters played by weak actors turning in weak performances.The supporting cast and extras could have done better.The worst of these has to be the awful Jolene Blalock as T’pol,or “sub commander botox” as I like to call her due to her lack of moving facial parts.I think the producers had tried to repeat the success of Jeri Ryan as 7 of 9,they failed.Both actresses are physically stunning,beautiful women.The difference is,Jeri Ryan is a talented actress who gave a great performance and brought her character to life.Blalock should quit acting and get a job as a pole-dancer,I rest my case.Sad to see Enterprise go as it means the death of trek for the forseeable future.It was getting so much better too after the awful Xindi 3rd season story-arc debacle.(That year-long story arc concept may have worked for Babylon 5,it did NOT work on star trek)It would have been nice to see it go the distance,Enterprise was way better than Voyager or DS9 and they both made 7 seasons.I’ll never forget how the truly dreadful Kate Mulgrew and Robert Beltrane suddendly learned how to act right at the end of voyager season 7.Maybe the same could have happened on Enterprise,sadly we’ll never know.Season 4 showed such promise.One of my other problems with enterprise was the poorly directed CGI space battles.I thought these looked like cut-scenes from a video game,suspension of disbelief went out the window.They had started to fix this in season 4 with some much more believable camera angles,the show was so much better for it.Enterprise despite it’s flaws had so much going for it,it really should have succeded.Bakula was a great captain,right up there with the legendary Shatner and Stewart.Yes the show had problems,but it wiped the floor with the dreadful DS9 and certainly the first 5 seasons of voyager.I’d like to see Enterprise sold to the sci-fi channel who I’m sure could produce the show on a much lower budget.Millions of dollars could be saved by sacking 4 of the cast members and replacing them with logs.I know a good timber yard! Millions more could be saved by scrapping CGI and going back to plastic models and pyrotechnics.IT LOOKS BETTER! I MEAN IT! Remember wrath of khan? Enterprise vs Reliant? Genius on a shoestring budget,use what you have learned,save you it can! Ah Well….back to my dvd collection I suppose,now where did I put that episode of TNG where Marina Sirtis’ spandex costume slips right up her *****??!!


  19. Moon says:

    Really don’t understand where all the savaging is coming from. At it’s worst, Enterprise was way better than any part of Voyager. Derivative? Who cares? Most Trek is derivative in one way or another. It was decently written, well produced. Are you people looking for high art or something? This is Star Trek–no more, no less. Even the Xindi season was perfectly entertaining. The show deserved a better fate.

  20. Moon says:

    OK, yeah, the theme was awful. Couldn’t they have fixed that after the first season? Might’ve saved the show.

  21. TJO1971 says:

    I like all Trek shows and i own almost all movies on DVD. When i saw the first episode of Enterprise with that stupid song and the name Star Trek missing from the title…i had a bad feeling. But as some of you said, between watching the same old reruns and having a brand new Trek thing going on….there wasn´t much doubt left. I started enjoying it.

    I will miss Enterprise.

  22. Andres says:

    LC, please Blalock is great, how can she act with that script? It was stated that she had to be half naked half of each season, come on. Remember she will be the only one with a carrer after this show, or do you wanna bet with Trip.

    By the way, She has a gorgeous body

  23. StarTrekking says:

    Enterprise was a horrible show, very disappointing. BattleStar Galactica, as much as I want to like it, is following suit. How can you take genocide followed by a desperate flight and make it boring? The new cylons are a joke, terminators aren’t as cool as cylon centurions.

    Anyway besides Jolene Blaylock there was never any reason to watch Enterprise. Mr. Quantum Leap is a terribly wooden actor with two modes: mad and sad (sound familar DS9 fans?). The ship was boring, I always cheered when it was shot up. Good idea wasted. It’s probably for the best, Trek needs a vacation from itself, it’s gotten too watered down and stupid.

    BTW – TNG sucked monkey nuts. It was one moral crisis, one staff meeting, one holodeck program after another. Very little of it was interesting.

    It’s worse than that it’s physics Jim!

  24. Mad and Sad: Mr Two-Tone says:

    Wow – what a love / hate group. I liked Enterprise and it could have been very refreshing – had it not become super-serious. TOS was best at exploring new frontiers, TNG seemed very diplomatic with neo-sciences, DS9 seemed stuck in space and Voyager was lost in space. Enterprise had bad science ( remember the Rogue planet – breakaway planet with a tropical plant background and no Sun? ) Temporal time travel? ( What no zipping around the sun anymore ) and writers who believe more in drama than just having fun ( Like 1:19 with the Feringi pirates ). Too bad season three went continuous – I like story, plot and solved ending in an hour with some continuity in later episode. Season four was shaping up to be a better format, still too dramatic but shorter plots. Yep, I agree that I’ll miss a good weekly trek show but they need to rest for a whole long while – and hire better writers ( someone who knows a biy o’ science ) and PLEASE no more Nemesis-type movie-wannabes. The Borgs at the end of season 3 on TNG was one of the better movies-that-could-have-been. My two-cents

  25. Nelix says:

    The mistake was made by pitching the shoe BEFORE TOS.

    Todays tech is more advanced than TOS so it is maddness to accept that the doors on the ship don’t open by themselves. It was down hill from there.

  26. LC says:

    Ok, my critical savaging of enterprise was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. I did however, mean what I said regarding Jolene Blalocks acting. TERRIBLE! Leonard Nimoy played a vulcan how a vulcan should be played, many other supporting actors did a damn fine job too, Blalock did not. Yes, some of the scripts were bad but most were ok and some were actually quite good. Imagine what a competent actor could have done with that part, the emotional turmoils, the addiction storyline and so on. It was a gem of a role, wasted. Yes I agree, Blalock is gorgeous, with a body that must have launched a million wet dreams. I’m sure she’ll have a great career post-enterprise. Seymour Butts should give her agent a call.

  27. Chris says:

    Ok this is what I don’t get, why do you guys like TOS at all? It was the WORST Star Trek ever created. The only thing I liked about it was the fact that it paved the way for all the other series. But honestly, I don’t know HOW THE HELL it did that.

    I’ve watched TOS and all its movies, but I just don’t get it. What do you guys see in that series? I actually wonder when I watch it (TOS) if Star Trek fans are really as smart as people say they are to have believed that such a HORRIBLE show was good.

    It was crap, plain and simple.

    And to you all who think that Enterprise is being cancelled because of “unimaginable writing” or “bad acting”, you are completely wrong. The execs at CBS and UPN don’t give a rats ass about that. The show is being cancelled because it has low ratings. It’s being cancelled because Star Trek fans abandoned the show. It’s being cancelled because of fans like you guys who gave up on it in the one moment it needed you.

    And if you think that it’s all ok and that Star Trek will be back then you can keep dreaming. Star Trek is dead (and I say that with a heavy heart because I loved ST) Star Trek: Enterprise is being cancelled and it is the final nail in ST’s coffin.

    RIP Star Trek, it’s been great.

  28. LC says:

    I Totally agree, the ratings killed it. I personally watched every show, but as far as ratings go, my voice doesn’t count because I’m from the UK. (I’ve been following season 4 on the net) Television in the US seems to be all about selling advertising space, it’s fast becoming that way here too. By law in the UK, if you own a TV you must pay a license fee of around $300 a year. That money funds our BBC which usually buys star trek. No longer sadly, enterprise is sold to subscription only channels first. My point is, it’s all down to you fickle americans! If everyone who gets UPN tuned into the rest of season 4, the execs would have to take notice!

    The future of star trek is in YOUR hands my friends, the rest of the world can only hope you will do the right thing.

    Incidentally, how anyone who has seen the magic of shatner, nimoy & kelly can describe TOS as the worst trek, is beyond me. With no recourse to CGI and other glossy, style over content directorial rubbish, the producers had to concentrate on characters and stories. Low budget sci-fi works best! Look at our own “Doctor Who” and “Blakes 7” The FX were laughable, even by TOS standards but they were great shows. ST:The Motion Picture – Budget $77 million (a STUPID amount of money in 1977) Dull, boring film, all style-no content. Wrath of Khan – budget $12 million yet it was one of the BEST trek films ever! My point here is that if enterprise hadn’t cost so much to make, if the producers had concentrated on stories and not tried to make every episode into an expensive action movie, I believe enterprise would have lived long and prospered. Look at episodes like “Vox Sola” one of the best and I’ll bet you it was also one of the cheapest to make. Ah well, no point crying over spilt romulan ale. If trek ever does go into production again, I hope lessons have been learned. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are forever doomed to repeat them.