Star Trek: Frontier

Okay, here’s the latest scoop I’ve dug up on the new Star Trek series.

It’s going to be called Star Trek: Frontier. The very first episode starts with a monumental event: the death of Captain Picard, when he sacrifices his life to change the dilithium crystals of the heavily damaged Enterprise. Fortunately, he is able to use heretofore unknown powers to transfer his living spirit to Commander Data, who is then trapped on an unstable planet with a group of hostile Klingons. The Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager crews must join forces through a three-episode adventure. Captain Riker and Counselor Troi both die near the beginning, so command is taken by Commander Geordi La Forge. They must break Starfleet regulations, hijack the Enterprise to rescue Data, and bring him with Picard to Vulcan, where he is restored by a mind-meld, only to discover that he has become a Q-entity. From then on, Picard will be limited to cameo roles with Q, still played by John de Lancie, while the command is taken by Captain La Forge, with Worf as his First Officer on the new Enterprise-F.

Calm down. I’m just kidding.

The new show will be called Star Trek: Enterprise, and it will be set in the 22nd century as a prequel series, with Scott Bakula as Captain Jon Archer. More info here. The new movie, Star Trek X, is also in the works.