Enterprise’s Autumn

Too bad Enterprise‘s ratings aren’t doing too well, just when the series is getting better. As with most Star Trek incarnations, it takes a few seasons to pick up the pace, and that’s what the third season has done for the series — never mind the massive problems of continuity posed by the Xindi and Temporal Cold War story arcs.

Word I hear on the grapevine (okay, on TrekBBS) is that the new writer, Manny Coto, is an Original Series fan. Though I didn’t like his baptismal episode, Similitude, (review here), having a Classic Trek afficionado doing prequel screenplay can only be a good thing, and I certainly like how he wrote his way out of the “Temporal Cold War” corner — thoroughly disposing of the Time Travel plotlines like the garbage that they were. Now, that Enterprise seems to be gearing for a run at real prequel episodes, it’s a pity that the series is entering what will probably be its last season.

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