Dodging the Red Line

Major subway problems and slow, refugee-clogged buses forced me to trek to work on foot this morning, a 2.5 mile walk of about 45 minutes through windy, gray mid-autumn cold.

At Judiciary Square near MCI Center, a group of suited Metro security (?) personnel milled out of a bus, unsure as to where the station was.

On K Street at Franklin Square, a woman was walking up and down the sidewalk with a sign: “TERRORISTS GO TO HELL. IF YOU VOTE BUSH YOU MIGHT GO TO HELL!” (She must have known that today is INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY.)

At McPherson Square, a flock of geese flew overhead in V formation. A driver in a pickup truck saw the flock, pulled a little goose call from his glove compartment and honked it loudly out his window. None of the geese stopped, but it was good for a laugh from passers-by.

I really should walk to and from work more often. Good exercise, great scenery, and exhilaratingly biting cold as the fall transitions to winter.