Enterprise and “Happy” Vulcans

I’m not sure if the stories on Enterprise are improving, or if the series is just growing on me, but I just watched “Singularity,” and I must say, it was quite enjoyable. Character interaction was thoughtful and engaging, stories are now developing with some believable evolution, and the plot, though not quite Shakespeare, works quite well for a Star Trek series.

One significant script problem: when Archer first asks T’Pol if she would read the preface he is to write for his father’s biography, she responds, “I’d be happy to.”

No, no, no, no, NO. Vulcans are beings of logic, not emotion, and no self-respecting Vulcan would ever say that she would be “happy” to do anything, even as a turn of phrase. While I enjoy Enterprise a lot, I think these writers really need to work on their continuity with the older series; the cold, logical, peaceful character of the Vulcans has been mangled beyond recognition in later incarnations of Star Trek. Tsk, tsk, What would Surak say?