The Wrath of Crusher

I really, really love that TVSquad got Wil Wheaton to do their Star Trek: The Next Generation retro episode recaps. Wil, in case you didn’t know, portrayed the character of Wesley Crusher through the first few seasons of ST:TNG, filling the widely disliked role of “Token Boy Genius” aboard Captain Picard’s starship Enterprise-D. (This appears to have scarred Wil for life so badly that he started a blog.)

Getting him to write about Star Trek means you get commentary with precious personal inside info on the production, with TEH LULZIEST geeky internet and computer references 2.0, and a wit matched only by DCeiver’s Pompatus of LOST, all spiced with lots of gratuitous innuendo and profanity. I like to think of it as Future Wesley Crusher finally using his Traveler powers to collect his due.

So here’s all of Wil Wheaton on TVSquad. (Speaking of which, I sure hope he can cameo in Trek XI. Maybe he can be young Captain April or something.)