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An intelligence leak has revealed PRISM, a massive US NSA data mining operation spying on people’s data shared through Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, AOL, and others. Outrageous, but ultimately not surprising, given that President Obama has, disappointingly, shown himself all too willing to continue his predecessor’s expansion of powers to invade privacy in the […]

Cory Aquino

Another sad obituary from the Philippines: Cory Aquino, wife of Ninoy Aquino, heroine of the EDSA People Power Revolution that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and President of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992, died from complications due to cancer on August 1st, 2009. She was 76. As wife to Marcos’ most dangerous political opponent she […]

Scenes From the 2009 Inauguration of President Obama

Amy and I were joined by jclements on the morning of January 20th. Despite living near the Capitol, entering the open expanse of the National Mall from there would have meant squeezing through an impossibly crowded bottleneck between the borders of the inaugural parade route and the ticketed standing areas. Instead we walked as far […]


Amy and I will not be voting tomorrow, because we already absentee-voted last week, in expectation of a very busy Nov 4th. However, I do strongly encourage all US citizens to go vote on Nov 4th if you haven’t yet, and know that I endorse Barack Obama for president. I would like him in the […]

Talking Above My Pay Grade

So how do I reconcile being a prolife Christian with supporting a pro-choice Democrat? I’m not going to cop out with a “pay grade” excuse. I believe life begins at conception, but I stand that we can do a lot more to save the unborn by being involved at a personal and community level rather […]

On Obama’s Speech and Palin’s Selection

And now, some disjointed thoughts. Obama gave a grand, eloquent acceptance speech at the DNC Thursday night, appealing to American history and ideals to express the core principles of the modern Democratic party. He alternated between combative and conciliatory, attacking the Bush administration’s policies and the McCain campaign’s smears on his character, while also offering […]

Obama-Biden Text Message

I got the text message announcing Obama’s choice of Biden for his running mate at 3:04 AM, and snapped a photo and posted it to Flickr within two minutes of receiving it. (Oh, and I got the whole “It’s 3AM” reference out of my system over at We Love DC.) As far as I can […]

Di Ka Nag-iisa + 25

Last Thursday, August 21st, marked the 25th year since the death of Ninoy Aquino. His opposition to the Marcos dictatorship and subsequent assassination sparked the flame of outrage which would lead to the EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986, sweeping Marcos from the presidency and restoring democracy to the Philippines. Ninoy’s wife Cory became President, […]

DC Protest Timelapse

Yesterday, fifth anniversary of the Iraq occupation, was supposed to be a big protest day, though Metro didn’t feel like it. Nothing much showed up on traffic cameras around DC, except for one at McPherson Square, where people seemed to be confronting a police line while a paper-machie bomb with a Strangelove-style Bush effigy atop […]