Voting Amy and I will not be voting tomorrow, because we already absentee-voted last week, in expectation of a very busy Nov 4th. However, I do strongly encourage all US citizens to go vote on Nov 4th if you haven’t yet, and know that I endorse Barack Obama for president. I would like him in the presidency because he favors net neutrality, increased funding for rail travel and public transit, voting representation for the District of Columbia, a balanced approach between private and socialized healthcare, better environmental protection, fewer abortions while maintaining choice, an end to unnecessary war, and voluntary pulling-up of pants by brothers. He has shown himself a steady, even-tempered, and experienced politician of distinct eloquence, deep thought, and profound managerial acumen, and would go far in rebuilding the USA’s standing in the world.

Check out these reasons to vote Obama from South Carolina-to-Pennsylvania transplant Fairly Ordinary, West Coast Calvinist libertarian Nowhere “The Dane” sville, East Coast libertarian home-schooler Chris O’Donnell, and some general guy.