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Planes on a Snake

I really could not care less that Snakes on a Plane is coming out tonight, and I was tired of the meta-self-referential hype before the hype was even cool, but it did at least inspire me to make this gem in Photoshop. Enjoy and share liberally. Also see more Planes on a Snake, and the […]

Speed 3: The Lake House

Apparently there is a movie with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock called The Lake House coming out tomorrow. (Amee tells me it’s a remake of another Korean film called Il Mare.) I really can’t help but think back to the last big movie to feature these two actors (much like how, as a child, I […]

“V For Vendetta” Alphabet Review Roundup

I actually haven’t seen the movie yet, nor have I read the graphic novel, but the chance to see if there was a movie review for every letter of the alphabet was too good to pass up. I stumbled over K, X, Z, and V (heh) and had to resort to Livejournal and MSN Spaces […]

Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was an okay film, but the stress of condensing 700+ pages of story into 2+ hours of movie showed strongly, so the storyline felt a bit rushed, with the sensation that many pieces were missing. [spoilers, highlight to read] We hardly saw Sirius Black outside of a few […]

Internet Archive Classic Movies

Nice to see that the Internet Archive is adding classic films in the public domain to its growing library of web content. I’ve watched Gulliver’s Travels (a nostalgic flashback to childhood) and Killers from Space (featuring a young Peter Graves). The following campy classics are now qeued for future viewing: Plan 9 from Outer Space, […]

Exploding Toads and a Movie Review

Toads in Germany are mysteriously exploding, and scientists aren’t sure what’s causing it. I’ll bet it involves the introduction of nanomeds into their environment followed by large doses of gamma radiation. (Yeah, yeah, I just rented Hulk. Not all that great; the movie was really trying for a “comic book” effect, and what it achieved […]

The French Connection

Just watched The French Connection. Admittedly, I rented it for the chase scene, and otherwise expected a dated, unremarkable cop drama, but this film delivers far more than I thought it would. It’s high-budget film noir, gritty and street-smart. The main character, played by Gene Hackman, was a shockingly violent, racist, misogynistic narc detective, whom […]

Rembrandt, Goldworthy, Spock, Hughes

I spent much of the weekend with Amy at the National Gallery of Art, viewing Rembrandt’s late religious portraits, Six centuries of prints and drawings, and Andy Goldsworthy’s nearly-complete Domes. We also watched Star Trek III: The Search for Spock on DVD at home, and later watched The Aviator at the new Regal cinema at […]

Incredible Incredibles

I’ve been trying all week to break through a phase of creative block and come up with a review of The Incredibles, but what’s there to say that hasn’t already been said? 96% Fresh Reading on the TomatoMeter as of today.


While the Inq7 movie section is fawning all over Oliver Stone’s Alexander for its “historical accuracy,” the Tomatometer for the movie is unequivocally rotten. I especially like Glen Oliver’s delightfully uncharitable review.