First X-Men Movie

I have just emerged from the X-Men movie. Pretty good! Well, it was no great superhero epic that will go down in the annals of movie history like Superman did, but I have to say, the creators did a good job of adapting the comic world to an entry-level movie that satisfies X-Men fans and newcomers alike.

Great casting, great script and screenplay, great effects, great directing. Not as much character development as I would have liked, but then, how much development can you cram into a two-hour movie for that many characters? At the very least they’ve established the setting and the team, and managed to make it parallel the status quo in the comic (more or less), down to the white streak in Rogue’s hair.

Some notable characters from the comic were missing, however: Beast. Angel. Gambit. And Iceman was just one of the students. I don’t think the team would be reasonably complete without the original X-Men there. I hope they can find some way to bring them into the story somehow.

Still, all in all, the movie works beautifully. Maybe a bit too fast in the progression (what action movie isn’t nowadays?) and somewhat contrivedly hanging at the end, but I’m edified.

Gosh, this is the first time in a long time I’ve gone to watch a movie all by myself. Last time I did this was with Star Trek – First Contact. Hmmm. I forgot … there’s a war going on down south; terrorist extremists usually target malls for bombings. Maybe I should get out of here.

Oh, another thing that bothered me about the X-Men movie just occurred to me: At certain parts of the movie, Anna Paquin looked a lot like a baby-faced Demi Moore. I don’t like that; I’m fond of Anna Paquin as an actress, but I’m not particularly fond of Demi Moore.