Huwag Po Lolo

Cla has an article on ups and downs in the Filipino movie industry. What truly amuses me is that, while pornographic and over-violent Tagalog cinema continues to shovel brainless dreck into the minds of the Filipino masses, a Filipino Catholic women’s movie review board is saying that the Powerpuff Girls Movie is “violent and morally disturbing.”

The Powerpuff Girls.

What, no harsh words for local productions like Huwag Po Lolo, Masakit na Masakit, or God forbid, any movie with Kris Aquino and/or Robin Padilla?


  1. Raffy says:

    Ah, such is the irony and the power of bliss.

    The Powerpuff Girls may be considered violent in the basest sense, but you’re right in pointing out how they’re missing the bigger moral indignity (and not to mention aesthetic degredation) of Philippine cinema brough about by chop chop/sex films.