Gollum vs Jar Jar Binks

Gollum versus Jar Jar Binks. Who would win?

(Personally, I think Gollum makes Jar Jar look like Lawnmower Man.)


  1. ailene says:


    If he doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for that wunderbar performance, I’d wonder. I’d really wonder.


  2. Nick says:

    Andy Serkis & Weta Digital Rock.

  3. Mike says:

    Definitely Gollum. And it’s not just Serkis that should get an Oscar nomination — he and the Weta Digital people together should get it.

  4. walljm says:

    Smeagol tears jar jar to itty bitty bitssiss… *gollum*

  5. nathan says:

    i’ve been having this conversation ever since i viewed the 2T’s on opening. it’s no contest. gollum by a mile.

    now, a CG-character comparison that really matters: gollum vs. new yoda. my vote? still gollum by a mile.

    hope i didn’t offend anyone ;)

  6. Nathan Alter says:

    I think Gollum is what programmers look like after many years. Big eyes from looking at computers too much and atrophied muscles from never using them. (Take it from a programmer.)