Watched Fellowship of the Ring with Tiff this morning, at SM Sucat. Beautiful, and quite striking, how the film so faithfully rendered the exact pictures that I imagined while I read the book. Tiff and I just got drawn into it completely, from the very first shots of the prologue (Wow! Kick-butt battle with Sauron and Isildur!) to the very last closing scene. (Wow! Samwise Gamgee trying to drown himself!)

The “death” of Gandalf was quite powerful, as was the Ring’s temptation of Galadriel. Tom Bombadil was missing, regretfully, and I feel that the scenes at Lothlorien — and especially the character of Galadriel — could have used more development. But I suppose there’s only so much you can do with just 3 hours. (Forgive my Galadriel fixation. Tiff and I have this thing for Cate Blanchett. She’s just an amazing actress.)

And don’t trust Elrond! He’s Agent Smith! Clearly, we see from this movie that Rivendell is just part of the Matrix. “Return the Ring, Misssterrrr Bagginssss…”

(The paragraph about Legolas has been deleted because it engendered far too many stupid comments, even months after it was posted. Leave off, you drooling fangirls.)

And it’s either “from where it came,” or else “whence it came.” The term “From Whence it came” is redundant.

Oh, oh, one more cool thing: Wizard Duels!!! Duke it out you old bearded thaumaturgical wonders! Yeah baby!

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