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Ghosts Of My Friends

There was lots of interesting old stuff in Amy’s grandma’s basement: newspapers from 1963, a haunted chest belonging to Waylande Gregory, cassette tapes from the Apostolate for Healing and Evangelism, a phonograph with one of those trumpetlike speakers, an Apple IIe, dozens of neon beer signs — but the most striking historical artifact was “The […]

Random Signage

You may notice from my photostream that I like to get shots of random signage every now and then. Here’s a few from last weekend: Note the tiger.

No Cubes?

Amy got me this Arlington pen in the course of her work for the county. It’s a nice pen, with a wavy pocket clip and a rubber grip, and the name of the county and state on it, but we were wondering about that weird logo. What does it mean? No cubes? No squares? No […]

Open Realty Templating

I’m working on a real estate website for a client, using Open Realty for content and listing management — and I’m not liking it too much. (Refer back to my entries on “horrific CMS interfaces.”) It works fine out of the box if you’re okay with the “Trapper Keeper Design for Dummies” gumdrop look, and […]

2.0 RLY

I had originally whipped up 2.0 RLY OWL for the Web 2.Oh No! Pool, traced in Photoshop from the original O RLY OWL, then goopified into the gradiated, shiny, reflect-y style that Strong Bad calls “molten plexiglass.” 2.0 RLY OWL has since then garnered thousands of views, 20 faves, and is now my #2 most […]

Premier Pestates

When designing logos, sometimes it’s nice to split evenly worded logo type in half with a light, stylized design element. The separation reinforces a sense of symmetry and, tastefully done, can subtly strengthen brand recognition. On the other hand, sometimes a designer decides to use a typographic flourish as the separating element, which — not […]

IE6: Where 0 = 14

Dear Internet Explorer 6: When I specify padding-bottom: 0; for an <li> selector nested two lists deep, I do not mean padding-bottom: 14px. Just so we’re clear, 0 is not the same as 14. And if I say !important, I bloody well mean it. Your cousins Firefox and Opera get it right; why can’t you? […]

A Blog Apart

A Blog Apart, community cultural commentary contributed from a Christian context, courtesy of Jason and Jeremy and their associates, with a WordPress theme designed by me. How do you like it? (That design, by the way, was a second attempt, because my first design looked rather conventional, very standard “boxes and lines,” without much connection […]

Modestly Hot Sites

> Ugly websites are good business! > Ugly websites are bad for business! This whole debate on whether bad design is good business or not makes me think of two things: Filipino rapper Andrew E’s classic hit Humanap Ka Ng Panget, where he advises men, “Kung gusto mong lumigaya ang inyong buhay, humanap ka ng […]