Stop Hiding Login!

Update: I <3 SideJobTrack. That’s all.

To my dearest SideJobTrack, Livejournal, Ning, Commission Junction, and a few other websites out there:

You are valuable services, and I love you all from the bottom of my heart, but I have an urgent request: please stop hiding your login forms behind javascript show/hide links! I’m very keyboard-oriented, so my first reflex when signing in to a service is to TAB to the login fields, type my username and password, and press Enter. When you require a click on a “Sign in” link to pop up the login form element, you force me to move my hand to the mouse, thus wasting precious seconds I could be spending typing in my info. It all adds up. So please, show your login forms in plain sight.

(And please don’t tell me to set my TAB to go through links as well as form elements. That’s unacceptable; this isn’t Internet Explorer.)

The same goes for you too, Flickr, making me click through no less than two screens (1,2) to get in. I suggest a simple form on your front page with a username and password field, and two radio buttons: one for classic Flickr users and the other for merged Yahoo accounts. Should be pretty easy for that to forward to a script which determines what goes to which login server.

Come on, there’s nothing wrong with showing a few text fields and a submit button on your front page. It’s not a blight on your design, and it makes things easier for your users.


  1. scully says:

    Hear hear. I know TAB isn’t acceptable to you, but if they refuse to do what you described at least make the login link the first link so I can tab to it from the page load.

    Fight the power, BP, fight the power.

  2. Tom Jackson says:

    Or, more generally, “please stop using Javascript/Java/Flash/etc for things that HTML can do quite well.”