Buzz!So I was wondering what to do with my old domain, which has sat idle and ignored since I used it for my digital art thesis on weblogs and RSS feeds over two years ago.

Then I saw the big-sans-serif-on-white design of Flock, and Mathowie’s parody of it, and I thought about all the wide-eyed “Web 2.0” buzz that’s been surrounding us lately. On a sudden impulse, I wrote up a series of catchy-sounding buzz phrases in a text file, and threw together a PHP script which would grab the text file, split its contents into an array, randomize the order, style, and hyperlinkage of each phrase in the array, then mash it all back together in a lovely remix of bold technological jargon.

Buzz is the result: a dynamic, chaotic, ironic hypertext poem which draws on the starry-eyed breathlessness of newer media’s current utopian moment, all in the big-sans-serif-on-white style I’ve dubbed “White Elephant.” Random phrases will link to search results on various sites so you can see just how real the buzz is. So go check out Buzz, and enjoy. Be sure to refresh. You might just pick up a new slogan for your new Web 2.0 enterprise.

(Also see the “Create Your Own Web Two Point Oh Company” tool.)

Update: Sorry, Haughey isn’t in “White Elephant” mode anymore; he’s now gone back to basics: gray background and horizontal rules. The New really is Old.