Welcome to CVS Pharmacy! You can only view our website with a dangerous, buggy, unstable, nonsecure, feature-poor web client with patchy and inconsistent CSS and standards compliance, or with the outdated browser of a former AOL subsidiary with even worse standards support. Sure, we could code for all browsers with web standards and get more visitors and revenue that way, but we’d rather restrict our options with lots of stupid proprietary tag soup, then equivocate about the CSS and security ‘benefits’ in our ‘Upgrade’ Notice. You’ll have to close Safari and Opera and open up something else to get your CVS Extracare card, loser!”

Update: Hmmm, looks like it works in Firefox and Safari now. But still not in Opera.

CVS Pharmacy is not to be confused with CVS, Concurrent Versions System.

Update: Also see on the new


  1. The Dane says:

    *grin* I always get a chuckle out of your IE bashing language. Just like I get a chuckle out of neocons bashing Kerry or Michael hating on Bush. It’s cute because it’s so extreme *gives Pow a big smooch. and a couple soma for his trouble*

  2. Paulo says:

    Thanks, The Dane. It’s just not everyday a guy can get himself compared to both Michael M and neocons at the same time. Gimme a minute… I feel… so… BIG!

  3. The Dane says:

    *laughs* You should, my little #9E843B friend. Being BIG is, uh, cool these days!