XHTML and Validation

Better Living with XHTML. The web is in a time of transition (when is it ever not?), what with standards and XML seizing the spotlight. We’re seeing a web design revolution of sorts, and the designer’s world in 2002 is going to be a very different one from the days of the late-90’s Netscape 4.x and table hacks.

As for me, having finished the arduous transition to XHTML on all my pages, I will soon commence the equally painful task of validating each and every blog-index. I will not rest till all my markup is valid. But it’ll take a few months/centuries.

(Those of you using random blog-indexes — Raffy and Josh, right? — I advise you to validate your pages before making any more of them public. I made a big mistake not validating mine, and now I have over 51 pages of markup to toil over. Wah.)