Pore Strips

Check this out: microscopic closeups of a freshly used nose-strip, extracted blackheads and all.

Speaking of which, it’s a sad fact that pore strips are very hard to find in Manila these days. I’ve looked around, and most personal care shops no longer carry any brand of nose strips; Pond’s, Biore, or otherwise. If you’re like me, and miss the joyful catharsis of peeling blackheads from your face, go to Bench. They still have pore strips in individual packs (P15 each) at the counter. You can also check Mercury Drug for “Fruits Land Nose Pack,” but that’s more of an exfoliating cream that you spread on and peel off, so it gets a bit messy.

Anyone else know where we can buy them? I miss the Pond’s strips; they worked best for me.