free RSS parser?

Anyone know where I can download a free, RSS-XML parser in Perl/CGI or PHP? I’m a Scripting Dummy, so minimum setup fuss is a must. The reason I ask this is because I dream of having my own personal RSS gateway, just like BrownTrout’s.

One cannot go wrong linking up a Bach fan. If you’re a Bach fan too, I have two names that you absolutely MUST remember: Trevor Pinnock, Christopher Hogwood. Got that? Pinnock. Hogwood. Don’t forget.

Oh, and the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin plays the absolute BEST Brandenburg Concerti I’ve ever heard. (They can actually make Concerto 6 sound exciting, which is a real feat.)


  1. Richard says:

    There’s a good PHP implementation of a custom XML handler here, and a good starter article on creating your own parser here. Note: I tried making my own, but it doesn’t like HTML (or even XHTML for some unknown reason) very much. Email me, and I’ll send you the code to it.

  2. kevin says:

    Being an MS guy, I can’t help much in the PHP department–although I am all for Open Source. But, I’m working on expanding my RSS Gateway so that you could choose the sites you want to syndicate and you can create your own style sheet. Of course, it would still be on my server. But, if you found a way of doing a screen scrape, you could display it on your server. Does this make sense, or am I just talking non-sense?

  3. jesper says:

    You mean like, “how now, browntrout”? :)

  4. Jim says:

    Hmmm… I’m kinda partial to my New London Consort Brandenberg Concertos, but I’ll have to take your word for it. I’ve got a set of the Orchestral Suites by the Akademie fŸr Alte Musik, but it’s only okay. I’ve heard better.

    I will definitely second you on Hogwood, though – I’ve got a disc from him with some harpsichord (and one violin) concertos (plus one by Vivaldi) which is fantastic.