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Tornadoes and MovableBlog

I hadn’t noticed before, but the <edit>Orientally-oriented JustAGwaiLo has an extremely useful blog devoted to MovableType Tips and Tricks. Quite informative. Maryland webloggers Moire and Lynda had front-row seats to the damage wrought by Sunday’s deadly tornado. Go read.

Alternate Style Sheets

Alternate Style Sheets are a method worth knowing, for the convenience of your users who prefer larger, more scaleable fonts rather than the usual 10px/11px Verdana. All it involves is a .JS file, two lines of code, and an extra stylesheet. I’m also interested in getting the hang of using mod_rewrite to make better URL’s. […]

Opera and overflow CSS

Darn it, darn it, darn it. Opera does not support the overflow: scroll property, and Mozilla executes it only with much bugginess. So much for the kewl “iframe” look.

Accepted into MICA

I completely forgot to blog this. I got my letter two weeks ago: the Lord be praised, I’ve been accepted into MICA! Pending housing and financial aid, this Fall I hope to move to Baltimore for my MA in Digital Art.

Tornadoes in MD

We had some pretty serious tornadoes in the area yesterday. Lots of homes destroyed.

Apache, PHP, MySQL installed

I’ve installed Apache and MySQL for Win32, along with PHP 4.2.0. Yes, yes, on a Win98 machine. Fine, you Linux snobs can sniff and thumb your noses at me, but I’ll decide when to make the shift, and I’ll do it when I’m good and rea- FATAL ERROR: INVALID PAGE FAULT. Rundll32 caused an Invalid […]

Bad Astronomy on Armaggedon

“Here’s the short version: ‘Armageddon’ got some astronomy right. For example, there is an asteroid in the movie, and asteroids do indeed exist. And then there was… um… well, you know… um. Okay, so that was about all they got right.” – Phil Plait, More Bad Astronomy from the movie Armageddon, which is showing […]

Seventeen Magazine

I sat down to dinner a while ago and, finding nothing of interest on TV, turned instead to the nearest form of printed entertainment within reach — an issue of Seventeen Magazine. Yugh. I don’t know about you people, but if I were bombarded with that kind of vapid, fleshly drivel on a regular basis, […]

Fox Kids Saturday Morning

Saturday morning cartoons just aren’t what they used to be. Since when did Transformers become an anime-esque war fest? And what’s up with this Power Rangers Wild Force? If I were making a campy Japanese-style Bioman ripoff, I would most definitely NOT tag it with the slogan “Wild Force: ANSWERING NATURE’S CALL!”

Aglionby on the Phil. situation

US Cavalry Fails to Bring Peace to the Philippines. Aglionby does a good job of describing an “average day” of political violence and social instability in the country, but I think he is a bit far off base in assuming that Filipinos looked to the arrival of the American military as the portent of a […]