Gonna get a cellphone

Argh. I missed a one-day temp job call yesterday because I was out at the NASM. Perhaps I should get a cellphone already. I’m thinking of getting Voicestream: they seem to have the best prepaid GSM plan, and the slightly higher price of prepaid calling is a fair tradeoff for my not being bothered with a monthly bill — just like my old Globe cellphone in Manila.


  1. jane says:

    voicestream is ok if you don’t mind occasional poor receptions. i don’t recommend getting their prepaid services though (in the long run you’ll find monthly rate plans much much cheaper). i got the 29.99 plan mainly because of the 500 free pingpong msgs. yung ibang service provider di ka puwedeng magtext sa pinas (like at&t or cingular). *yata*

  2. wyclif says:

    Paulo, i use VoiceStream and if you choose them, listen to Jane and go with the monthly rate. You’ll save $ that way.

    It’s also true that poor reception is a problem sometimes, I’ve noticed esp. when it’s raining or snowing. You shouldn’t have any dead spots in DC, though.

    What do you think of GSM phones here? I like the fact that if I crush the phone itself i can swap the chip out and save the addressbook (up to 100 entries and almost maxed out by me). Losing those #’s would be a huge pain.

    Since I’ve only used GSM, I don’t know how it compares to the other options.

  3. Paulo says:

    Ooops, too late. I just got a Voicestream Prepaid Speakeasy 3390 with AIM. :)

    GSM is the only way to go for me, as far as digital cellphone tech is concerned. You’re right; the SIM card can be transferred to any mobile unit you fancy, unlike CDMA / TDMA / PCS phones where you’re stuck with the phone as it is.