Bus to Silver Springs MD

I don’t have a car, and even if I did, I would be hard-pressed to drive it, since I haven’t gotten behind the wheel for more than five years. It’s therefore imperative that I get acquainted with the local public transport. That’s why today was a bit of an adventure for me: my first time to take the S-bus all the way down 16th Street, clear out into the suburbs: Silver Spring, MD. I needed to raid the nearest Ross for clothes.

The fun part was that, with my AIM-enabled phone, I was able to chat with Jim, even while riding the bus. Kewl.

And now, with dinner finished and a light rain pattering outside, I can curl up on the couch with some warm milk to read Dickens’ Bleak House, while Bach’s Orchestral Suites play in the background. Aaaahh.