Fox Kids Saturday Morning

Saturday morning cartoons just aren’t what they used to be. Since when did Transformers become an anime-esque war fest?

And what’s up with this Power Rangers Wild Force? If I were making a campy Japanese-style Bioman ripoff, I would most definitely NOT tag it with the slogan “Wild Force: ANSWERING NATURE’S CALL!”


  1. Mike says:

    Oh dear. Is that the latest iteration of Power Rangers? They must be desperate to keep the concept alive and kicking… or at least kicking.

    But what’s Bioman?

  2. Wyclif says:

    Whatever happened to cheap Japanimation like _Starblazers_, replete with choppy dub-style facial and mouth movements?

  3. Raffy says:

    Are you serious? ANSWERING NATURE’S CALL? Are they joking? Do they think kids today are *that* naive?

    I miss Bioman. It was campy, it was cheap, it was dubbed, but it was one of the first. I still remember the day they aired the episode when the yellow bioman died.

  4. Paulo says:

    Mike – Bioman was the first and original campy Japanese fighting team-and-robot live action series. Most of this Power Rangers hype started with the old 80’s Bioman.

    I’m serious. One of their “We’ll be back after these messages” blurbs says, quite straight, “Answering Nature’s Call!”