I got a Voicestream Prepaid 3390. Yes, yes, I’m well aware that a post-paid plan is far more cost-effective, but at this stage of transition I’m still not ready to deal with a regular monthly billing. Also, aside from text messaging, this phone is intended more for receiving calls rather than making them; I don’t plan to use very many minutes at all — only the minimum required to keep the prepaid line open, which will cost me far less than even the cheapest post-paid plan. For now, prepaid it is. But in the near future, I will be getting an income, and I will no doubt need the additional minutes and nationwide roaming of a post-paid subscription. That is when I will migrate to Voicestream’s 19.99 plan.

You know what’s really fun? The 3390 comes with AIM. My new AIM screen name is brownpaudotcom, but don’t expect me to be too available at all times; it costs 10 cents per message sent, just like SMS.