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WWDN Bloggies

Wil Wheaton sweeps the Bloggies! Go Ensign Crusher! Unfortunately, Lia didn’t win the award for Best Asian Weblogger. Aw. :o(

Alfabet Kiosk

Argh! “Alfabet Iternet Kiosk” in Powerbooks on Pasay Road is more than just a bit disappointing. First, you have to buy an Alfabet prepaid card at the counter, and then use that card to log into one of the stations in the corner. It took me three tries, two terminals, and one hard-restart to log […]

Nest Hunting

So… anyone know where I can get a good web design or DVD authoring job, and a cheap (below $500) room, in the Washington DC / Baltimore area? I’m browsing CraigsList even as I type this.

Kaanib flame part 3

Good morning, everyone! The times become more momentous with every day. Plans are whirling about me and falling into place, and I can only waterski the waves as best as I can, with the Lord as my speedboat. Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis. (By the way, these Ang Dating Daan people are hilarious. […]


I just gave Imici a spin, and found that I don’t like it too much. I was looking for a super-basic bare-bones IM application, but Imici is a bit TOO bare-bones for me. That, plus the nag screen that pops up when you exit the freeware app, tips the scales in favor of Trillian. So […]

Index 47 with tables

“Father forgive me, for I have sinned. My last confession was bzzz bzzz bzzz.” “And what are thy sins, my child?” “Father, I… I… I used HTML tables in a blog layout!!!” “My child, thou dost realize that thou hast sinned the unforgivable sin. Thou hast travestied greatly.” “No! No, Father! Absolve me! Please!” “It […]

Kaanib flame part 2

I’m really flattered that this guy even went to the trouble of searching my whole archive for posts against his cult. No wonder my hit count shot up yesterday. :) Praise God! How wonderful it is, to see my own commentary on the Good News spread even to the far reaches of opposing beliefs’ message […]

NexC Rejection

Dear Paulo, Thank you for coming over for an in-depth interview. After careful deliberation, we have determined that your qualifications do not fully match the current requirements of the Chief Web Designer position. We wish you the best in your future endeavors and will keep your resume in our Candidates for future possibilities. Best regards, […]

Index 47 can do

That’s the best I can do for index47. It looks fine to me in IE5/Win at 800×600, though Opera5/Win breaks the whole thing beyond recognition. How does it look to you people of the world?

Electric – Electronic

What’s the difference, I wonder, between something that is “electric,” and something that is “electronic”? I have an “electric” toaster, for example, but an “electronic” handheld organizer. E-mail is “electronic” mail, not “electric” mail. In any of these cases it would be something of a verbal faux pas to get them mixed up, wouldn’t it?