Greenbelt escalator video

What is the significance, I wonder, of that mockup TV sitting beside the up-escalator in Greenbelt Mall, showing a continuously looping video of a young man walking in the opposite direction of a moving escalator, viewed from above?

My first reaction upon seeing it was to look around for a camera directly over any of the escalators in the mall. Not finding any, I concluded that it was some sort of avant-garde plug for an artsy local movie.

Anyone have clues?


  1. Noelle says:

    It’s actually showing some footage from unTV, the UHF counterpart of the rock radio station NU 101.7. I’ve seen the escalator thing already; basically unTV shows offbeat experimental films from local people, aside from the usual fare of rock music videos.

  2. Paulo says:

    Okay! That explains it. I really thought at first that there was a hidden closed-circuit camera above one of the escalators, but I couldn’t see anyone on them matching the scene on the display. Cute publicity gimmick, I have to say.

    Sorry, I don’t have a telly, so I can’t watch unTV — or anything else for that matter. :P

  3. Shiloah says:

    i think it’s also part of a bigger exhibit that’s part of the digital film fest at Greenbelt. i was just there today (and last sunday). funny to think that we might actually bump into each other there one day. :)