My job interview today was at NexC, whose local office is located in Northgate Cyberzone, Alabang.

The office was easier to find than I had anticipated. The jeepney driver at Alabang looked at me blankly when I said “Northgate,” but when I said “Cyberzone,” his eyes lit up. “Ah! Sybersoon!” It turned out to be practically walking distance from the Alabang jeepney terminal.

I was 2 hrs early, so I opted to tarry a bit in Alabang Town Center. I bought a new pair of sunglasses for just P189 (I accidentally sat on the old pair), then settled down in Starbucks with a mint latte and an e-text of the Baptist Confession of Faith to study while I waited.

40 mins before interview time, I returned to the jeepneys and told the driver, “Sybersoon!”

“Cyber” my foot. It’s a huge meadow, about a kilometer square, with two small buildings at one end. Fly, Philippine IT industry, fly! Thunk.

I got here a bit too early. Now I’m sitting at an empty cubicle, waiting for the interviewer. (I’m writing this into my Palm.) A bit nervous.

Later: The interview went quite well. Always bring breath mints to a job interview. Always. They served me well, especially after that Quarter Pounder.