Sampung Piso

Here’s that Baptist Confession of Faith, those of you who are interested. I think some of it was revised and polished by Spurgeon.

10-peso coinHey, look! It’s the new 10-peso coin! And right beside it, the old 1-centavo coin that no one ever uses anymore! To give you some idea of how much you’re looking at, the coin on top is worth about 20 American cents. It can buy you two small cups of steamed rice. The coin below it is worth about 0.02 American cents. It can buy you nothing. Zilch. You can’t buy anything on 1 centavo. Not even a piece of cheap candy. (Actually, at the rate our currency is losing value, you can’t buy all that much with 10 pesos either. It won’t be long before even one cup of rice is beyond the ability of a 10-peso coin to cover.)