Kaanib flame

Oh, now here’s something out of the ordinary: someone from Ang Dating Daan seems to be mad at me. (Thanks for the note, Cornelius! :)

Just for the record, I’m not one of the Bereans; I just offered them a domain and hosting space. I’m not “Justyn” or “abuGian,” but I do praise God for the wonderful work they’re doing witnessing to the truth of the Word.

Interesting point for discussion among the more rational Reformed Christians: because Jesus used the words “hypocrites, fools, liars, and brood of vipers,” does that give the Christian witness the right to call people by such names as well? Food for thought… ;)


  1. Chris says:

    On the last point, I’m guessing it does, so long as you do so in love, and are sure that you are right…

    A situation that in my experience at least dosn’t occour very often…

  2. D says:

    ~clicks the link to find a lot of ranting in what she assumes to be Spanish~ Wow. That threw me for a loop. o_0 The Bereans? Apologetics Research Ministry? Sounds super-cool to me. Apologetics are fun. As for the last point…I dunno. Witnessing’s not one of my strong points. :(

  3. Paulo says:

    Naw, D, not Spanish: Tagalog! It’s our native dialect.

  4. D says:

    ah, I see. Lol, I couldn’t really tell…I get to take Spanish next year!^^ :P