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Lola (Tagalog for “grandmother”) was actually more of a step-Lola, my paternal grandfather’s second wife after his first passed. I have vivid childhood memories of Sunday mornings in their old house, watching morning Mass on TV, and she would bring pan de sal around Communion time. We were never really very close, but she was […]

Pandora’s Pawprint, and Lessons Learned

Got this from the vet in the mail yesterday. It’s Pandora’s pawprint, impressed into a plaster heart before her necropsy and cremation. We opted not to get the ashes back, so this pawprint suffices for a memorial. …and Lessons Learned for Future Cat Care * Watch your cat’s phosphorus intake. While phosphorus is an important […]

Goodbye, Pandora

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Pandora, due to complications from advanced kidney failure. She was 21 years old. (April 1991 to November 2012.)

Last of the Litter

Sad news: Jasper the Cat has died, at the venerable old age of 20. You may remember Jasper from my time living in Baltimore — he was my old housemate’s cat, and Pandora’s brother. An active and affectionate gray tabby with a roguish penchant for the outdoors, Jasper was excitable opposite to his quieter, more […]

On the Passing of Computer Luminaries

Steve Jobs died on October 5th, shortly after the iPhone 4S was announced. Jobs’ reserved seat sat empty at the event, and as new Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the keynote he almost certainly knew the time was near. I half-expected that he would demo the new iPhone’s FaceTime app with a call to to […]


Last Sunday First Baptist DC held a memorial service for Chip Hailey, long-time church member and A/V engineer, and a fixture in the Falls Church public access TV community. I briefly trained under Chip while the church was searching for new talent to manage the sanctuary A/V system. (Though I never became A/V tech, as […]


Amy’s grandma passed away. We went up to New Jersey for the funeral. Never been a pallbearer before. First time for everything. Most of the pallbearer duty consists of just placing a hand atop the casket as it rolls on a wheeled stand from funeral home to church, but some lifting is needed needed when […]

Cory Aquino

Another sad obituary from the Philippines: Cory Aquino, wife of Ninoy Aquino, heroine of the EDSA People Power Revolution that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and President of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992, died from complications due to cancer on August 1st, 2009. She was 76. As wife to Marcos’ most dangerous political opponent she […]

Uncle Tito

Uncle Tito, pictured at right, died last month. (Tautological name, I know, since his nickname “Tito” is Tagalog for “uncle,” hence our use of the English address.) I remember him most fondly for lending me his violin when I needed one for lessons back in my teens. This was not just any violin; it was […]

Tito Cesar

A fond farewell to my Tito Cesar Bautista, who passed away shortly after New Year’s Day. Husband to my dad’s sister Tita Menchu, he was an engineer and an entrepreneur, and a man with a big heart and a huge family. In my childhood my parents when traveling would sometimes leave me and my brother […]