Farewell, Brother Dunne

Brother James P. Dunne, high school guidance counselor and irreplaceable mentor to the Days With the Lord spiritual retreat in Ateneo, passed away yesterday. Bro. Dunne was a pillar of the Days experience and an inspiration to the entire Ateneo community. You could never miss him in our high school days, a huge Catholic Scotsman, limping through the school halls with formidable cane in hand, his body wracked by sclerosis but his spirit filled with the peace and joy of Christ.

My most vivid memory of Bro. Dunne did not come from my Days experience itself, but from some months later, when I sat outside his office waiting for him — I have forgotten for what reason. He had been speaking to someone about how delicious the bacon in the school cafeteria was, and in the background, his cassette player blared, of all things, rowdy bar songs from Scotland. It was a strange, yet somehow comforting, anachronism, those rough, homegrown Scottish ditties backdropping that kind, gentle, yet fiery man of God.

Bro. Dunne, we wish you a warm welcome to your Home in the Kingdom, and we will miss you sorely.

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  1. antifaust says:

    Soldier of His Faith

    The name James P. Dunne will always be associated with Days With The Lord, a spiritual retreat almost all Ateneans come to experience, a religious boot camp where students went to strengthen their faith and their commitment to God. Although…

  2. Raffy says:

    WHAAAAAT?! Oh wow, that’s a shock. I wasn’t at all close to him but he was a regular fixture on the high school grounds and everyone knew him.

    Rest in peace.