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MICA webcams

I found the URL’s for a couple of webcams over at MICA: Java Corner in Bunting Center, the building where 90% of my time is spent; and the Brown Center construction site, where they’re building the new multimedia center which I probably won’t be around for next year. I’ve downloaded FlashIT and iCamMaster, and I’ll […]

Fourscore and seven kilowatts…

From Razormouth: US Government announces a new, nonpolluting renewable energy source! (Aside: Ooh, directory browsing!)

Hunt Valley to New York Bus

Update: Ivymedia has all the cheap East Coast buses you could ever need. Those of you who’ve come searching for the cheap DC-NY Chinatown bus may also want to check out Hunt Valley Motor Coach in Baltimore. It’s not quite as cheap as the Chinatown bus, and DC’ers will have to drive or take the […]

Dave Barry on the War on Tobacco

Dave Barry on the War on Tobacco: Another option was to simply make selling cigarettes illegal, just like other evil activities, such as selling heroin, or giving unlicensed manicures, or operating lotteries (except, of course, for lotteries operated by states). But the politicians immediately saw a major flaw with this approach: It did not provide […]

Painful, painful words

My heart and my prayers go out to Craig in this time of testing and heartbreak. I think nothing is more painful in life than the words: “I don’t love you anymore.” Those same words were said to me just over a month ago, and the pain remains nearly unbearable to this day. Yet how […]

Esperanto Blog

Wow. A blog in Esperanto. (And here’s the English translation.) More on Esperanto, a constructed language which at one point in history was meant to be the new universal lingua franca. That did not happen.

MeFi Profile Fun

Heh, take a look at Danelope’s MeFi profile. I just checked the code, and I can see how he did it: the profile textarea is freeform, and takes style sheets. Cute. Update: And here’s mine.

Silly little hippies…

I hear some people tried to shut down DC last week. Not only did they fail to block my commute, but they’ve managed to completely un-convince me that their causes and goals hold any legitimacy or value whatsoever. What I see, and what I will tell my 2.75 year old daughter when she gets older, […]


It turns out all I had to do was re-upload some Perl modules to extlib. So I’m back. Miss me much?

Penn Station Sign

A flash of red and orange beneath gray stone and rusting beams. Photo taken with an Aiptek Mini Pencam 1.3MP.