Neuroprosthesis Ad Hominem

Man, this Neuroprosthesis News person sure is tenacious. My referrals show repeated visits all afternoon, going through dozens of pages, most likely him (her?) hunting for fodder to flamebait me with. Shows how skilled message board trolls are at wasting energy and resources — theirs and that of others — which is their aim to begin with.

Of course, all of the aspersions cast on my faith and maturity are completely off-base, so I haven’t been effectively baited (having been a message board moderator gives one a rather thick skin), but one has to wonder if someone can really be that foolish, or if s/he does it with an ulterior motive to disrupt the community.

The secret is not to get all superior / reactive / power-trippy just because a troll is acting like an idiot. That’s exactly what they want — more excrement to wad up and throw back. As they always say online, “Don’t feed the trolls.”

Don’t waste time coming up with intelligent responses to troll bait; rather, let them write their flames and ad hominems, then completely waste their time by not even reading them, as I am doing now. ;D Yay for post editing.