Defying Hyperreality

Lest you think all we do in Digital Arts is sit around in paint-splattered coveralls fiddling with our G4’s: my response paper to two chapters of Silvio Gaggi’s From Text to Hypertext, in which I raise a defiant fist to the poststructural utopias of new media philosophers.

Jean Baudrillard’s concepts of the postmodern hyperreality figure strongly in our studies of new media, and I’m mildly skeptical of his vision of an utterly ubiquitous open network within which all our paradigms will be permanently changed. My bias towards the need for an objective absolutism comes out in my response, probably owing to my core belief in an Absolute upon which my

Weltanschauung is founded.

Basically I’m saying The Matrix won’t happen. So uh, yeah, there.

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