First Day of School

What. A. Day.

Typography for Multimedia class would have been spent re-learning all my AfterEffects skills, if only the iLamp hadn’t kept crashing. And crashing. And crashing. And not just mine; half the class’ iLamps were going out. And you know where the power switch on this thing is? Back left, small and flush with the casing. Took me two minutes to find out just what to press to turn it on. Ha. Switch, my foot. Roll that up and smoke it, Ellen. (Paulo proceeds to duck from the hundreds of soapbar mice which will undoubtedly be thrown at him after this comment.)

Other than that, the first day of school was great. Campus is beautiful, teachers are wonderful, subject matter is amazing, classmates are all cool and friendly, and regardless of crashing hard disks, those iLamps are still way fun to work on.

The end of the day was spent at Friendly’s with Kyriosity, Barukatash, and WayneWhitmer. Fun night, capped off with a quick trip to GreenLeaf to get me an ESV.

And now I’m home. It’s been quite a day. And now, for the first time in over four years, I have to do some HOMEWORK. :P