Geppi’s Barber Salon

I just got a haircut today at Geppi’s Barber Salon in Little Italy, just a few steps from my door. I’d been expecting a plain old barber shop, populated by old men clipping away with their shears.

The word “Salon” should have tipped me off.

It was just a bit like walking into an FHM magazine, and having a supermodel cut my hair. Which certainly wasn’t a bad thing, I assure you. Felicia (I think that was her name) is a great hairdresser, plus, she likes cats. The price was surprisingly cheap — $15 and tip — and I think I look pretty good.

Maybe I should get my hair cut more often. ;)


  1. Vix says:

    pictures! we want pictures!!

  2. Jesper says:

    Preferably of both Felicia and the haircut. :P

  3. okcalvin says:

    Fifteen bucks?!? We get a good cut out here in Oklahoma for $6, no tipping required or expected, and a shoulder and neck massage from the Korean barbers!

  4. Paulo says:

    Yeah, okcalvin, but are they Korean supermodel barbers? :D Sorry, folks, no pictures. I certainly don’t have the poise or forwardness to ask these pretty ladies for photo opps on the job.

    What I miss is having P70 haircuts with my barber Mang Calvin back in Manila. (P50 = $1) He’s been my barber since childhood. (My childhood, not his.)

  5. Gladiator says:

    Hey guys, Felicia is a doll and a wonderful girl. I have known her for a long time and we are ver close. Super model is an understatement but she is a sweet as she is beautiful.