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Getting Cable While Losing the TV

Through years of apartment living, we’ve watched relatively little television — just LOST, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, and the occasional Simpsons/Seinfeld rerun, really — so we’ve been satisfied to not have cable, sticking with just bunny ears, DVDs, and the internet; especially the internet. Services like Joost, Miro, Hulu, and various networks’ online episode viewers […]

Tiles, Cavuto, and Contractors

While Endeavour STS-118 was in orbit and tile damage was on NASA’s mind, I noted with some amusement a link from Space Pragmatism to this op-ed on Fox News: “Earth to NASA: Fire Someone!” — in which Neil Cavuto demands that NASA dismiss whichever contractor manufactures the Space Shuttle’s thermal tiles, since they keep getting […]

LOST Notes

I haven’t posted about LOST for a while, so here are my disjointed thoughts on the last few episodes. Spoilers follow. > If LOST were Harry Potter, Ben would be Snape, Locke would be Dumbledore, and Jacob would be Peeves the Poltergeist. > Speaking of Jacob, there was a fraction of a second that he […]

LOST 3.13: The Magic Box of Brokeback Island

Before we launch into my thoughts on LOST 3.13: The Man From Tallahassee, a couple of popular retro-TV themes to consider: Star Trek: Shore LeaveIn which the crew of the Enterprise spends shore leave on a planet where their thoughts and fantasies are brought to real, deadly life, thanks to ancient technology guarded by an […]

LOST 3.10-3.12: Dharma Van, Football, Star Wars

Spoilers ahead. Close your eyes! Previously on LOST, Hurley found a Vee Dub in the woods, got it running with help from Charlie, Sawyer, and Jin, then drove it off frame with a swell of music. The next episode, he’s playing table tennis with Sawyer and doesn’t even mention the van. What happened to it? […]

Lazy LOST Linkdump

LOST fans, I’m sorry, but the show just hasn’t had too much appeal for me lately, and I haven’t felt as much need to write recaps and theories as I did with past seasons. The mystery is just too stretched out, the magic is gone, and I’m starting to feel like Tycho and Gabe and […]

Lost 3.05: Tell The Black Smoke You’re Sorry

I think we’ve established with this episode that the Black Smoke is some kind of telepathically attuned entity which is capable of manifesting as certain persons from a character’s past, possibly via the restoration and reanimation of dead bodies it finds in wreckage. Past LOST storylines have emphasized the importance of a character coming to […]

LOST 3.04: Oh My Darling Clementine

Note: This entry is about the third season LOST episode “Every Man for Himself,” in which Sawyer learns in a flashback that he may have a daughter named Clementine. (Or, possibly, Cassidy was trying to con him using the ruse of a fake child.) Those of you searching for the American folk ballad Oh My […]

Lost 3.01-3.03: Benjamin Linus, Fishbiscuits, and Polar Bears, Oh My!

So are you all enjoying the new LOST season so far? All pausing your video recorders and poring over screenshots of easter eggs and Googling left and right for clues? Me, I’m especially liking how LOST is able to maintain an aura of the unknown. I had feared that the increasing sci-fi-ness of the plot, […]

LOST Third Season is Coming

Those of you who haven’t been following LOST too closely, but want in on the upcoming third season, tonight is your lucky night: ABC is showing the requisite recap clip show to help newcomers (and overly rabid fans) get their LOST fill before the new season premiere next week. It’s been four months since the […]