LOST 2nd Season Finale: Now Widmore Penny

The LOST finale established a bunch of major plot points. (Spoilers after the Macho Trio.)

Tres Amigos y sus armas, muy macho.

They’re not in purgatory. They’re not in a post-apocalyptic future. The Swan Station Hatch, computer, and electromagnetic anomaly were all real, and not just a behavioral experiment. The Pearl Station was the behavioral experiment. The plane crashed because of the Hatch Magnet. The boat is Desmond’s, via Libby. Kelvin made the blast door map. Desmond looks a lot better clean-shaven with short hair. Locke cries like a girl. The Others were faking the whole “primitive village” thing. Not Henry Gale is a Higher-Up among the Others.

The former Island Mystic Shaman, after being told what he cannot do.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Did Libby get committed before or after giving Desmond the boat? Why is Charlie so flippant about Locke and Eko disappearing with the Hatch — is it something to do with his disillusionment with both? Where’s Rousseau, is the sickness real, and is the vaccine really necessary? Four toes? The Whispers — are they the thoughts of the Others? What are Walt’s powers? What’s up with the Hurley bird? Where’s the black smoke lately? Why couldn’t Dharma technicians just automate the keystroke-execute sequence to reset the magnet, rather than need people? And the question that has remained unanswered since Season 1: what do the numbers mean?

This Island was once inhabited by the Simpsons.

A few other notes:

Desmond refers to a “snow globe” — cute little reference to Tommy Westphall there, possibly a red herring to point to the “it’s all a dream” theory. Other than that, it’s possible the island is inside a self-contained cosmological loop, closed off from the rest of the world to keep it hidden — except, perhaps for that thin filament at heading 325, towards which Michael is heading.

Charlie’s loss of hearing is a potential source of inner conflict for the third season: he’s a musician, remember. Now he can’t hear his own guitar.

As evidenced by the big snowy ending (I’m guessing Antarctica), LOST Island is in the real world, and Penny Widmore is searching for it, I guess so she can find Desmond. Poor girl.

All in all, a pretty good finale. As I expected, it raised more questions than it answered, which should keep the fans hungry for more when the third season starts this fall. I guess the pause gives them enough time to go rush to the bookstore and slog through Dickens’ “Our Mutual Friend.” Have fun with that.

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Heh, slight goof with the Others: Alex accidentally felt up Kate’s boobs.

They’re real, and they’re fabulous.