Amazing Kabastusan

I’m supposed to be in bed, but I caught Amazing Race on TV, and they were in the Philippines. The only thing more amazing than the race itself is the amazing kabastusan (Tagalog for “rudeness”) with which some of these contestants treated their Filipino drivers, quite fulfilling the stereotype of the obnoxious ex-colonizer.

To be fair, of course, they were racing for a million dollars, and reality TV producers do cast aggressive people in these roles, so it’s expected that etiquette will fall by the wayside. But still, Christie telling the jeepney driver to just run over pedestrians because they were in the way was quite over the top. That’s the same girl who, later, when her boyfriend Colin is plowing a paddy, is too prissy to get her feet dirty, thus leaving him to plow with an unguided carabao in the mud. Eh, tuloy, last place sila.

Okay, enough of that. Stupid reality shows.


  1. filmgoerjuan says:

    That is one of the reasons why I stopped watching “The Amazing Race” after the first episode of the first season. The others include:

    * difficulty watching people drive without seatbelts at high speeds on ill-repaired roads

    * disgust at watching greedy people totally bypass these amazing locations in their quest for filthy lucre

  2. Raffy says:

    Aw, c’mon, Pau. You know you like it. ;->

    By the way, based on Christie’s performance and general attitude, do you think the country’ll boycott her soon like they did Claire Danes?

    One can only hope…

  3. ailene says:

    And isn’t it amazing that they were still in “Manila, Philippines” when they were plowing a field?

    Where are the farm fields in Manila nowadays?

    Funny. I live in Manila and I’ve never seen a single farm field inside the city in all of my 22 years alive.

  4. cami says:

    haha rude christie… pity i missed it… argh.

  5. Noelle says:

    Actually, the clue after they landed in Manila said they had to go to CAVITE and Malaguena Motors, then they plowed the field in VICTORIA before finally heading back to Manila and the Coconut Palace.

    (How in the world are Christie and Colin still in this race when they’ve self-destructed on every leg?)