LOST 2.22: Your Hanso is Waiting

This entry is to fulfill my LOST entry quota for last week’s episode before the finale comes on tonight. Spoilers follow, of course.

Update: Of course we can’t go on without DCeiver’s latest Pompatus.

First off, they need a typography guy to look over the Hatch Computer font. It’s all over the place: a simple san-serif for “Numbers” mode, and at least two different serifed fonts for “Hatch Chat” mode. Note in the third screenshot (from “Three Minutes”) how the letters have higher stroke weight contrast and thicker stems, and the letter “W” middle strokes overlap in a way they do not in the second screenshot (from the final scene of “What Kate Did”).

I’m with “DocArzt” of TheTailSection on the insufficient plot treatment of Michael’s motivations in betraying the LOSTies. I’d thought he had been completely compromised, i.e. had joined the Others, but instead we’re shown him languishing in their camp for ten whole days before Ms. Klugh shows him his son. Based on that, he is willing to lie and kill for his boy and a boat. It doesn’t seem to be enough to drive him to the point of shooting Ana Lucia and himself (Libby having been a trigger-finger accident). Yes, yes, I know the writers want to show that a father will do anything for his son, but somehow the twist doesn’t work for me.

Another Michael thing: how come the compass worked? I thought the island was affected by an electromagnetic anomaly which made compasses go crazy, so how come Michael can suddenly tell which way is north with a compass? Couldn’t he have just been shown using the sun as a guide? And if “true north” is different on the island because of the anomaly, as was said earlier in the series, wouldn’t he be able to tell that he wasn’t actually going north because of the sun?

Eko in the Hatch: he’s a Numbers fan now, just as Locke now isn’t — but he’s not a believer the way Locke was. I think Eko’s aware that something is up, and he’s figuring out something about the button and the computer that will come to a head in the finale. Charlie’s scene with him was excellent — “get your own things” indeed.

As for Charlie, we’re seeing a rehabilitation of character, not quite a redemption from his Locke-directed anger, but a maturing, a shedding of idols which began with his kicking drugs and continues with his rejection of Locke and Eko as mentor figures. Hence the scene of him throwing the Mary statues out to sea while Locke watched from afar. Claire seems to understand this too, which is why she gravitates back to him. (Whatever happened to the Locke-Claire plot point that Sawyer once pointed out? That would have made for an interesting conflict.)

The Jack and Sawyer “I screwed her” scene should make the Jawyer shippers happy. Sweaty men and their guns in the Hatch, talking about sex, ending with a begrudging admission of masculine friendship and a cocked rifle, I mean, there were enough homoerotic undertones to fill a sequel to Top Gun.

That’s all I have to say. Finale should be fun. I bet Desmond’s on the boat.